Company Profile

Metamed business is focused on owning, setting up, operating and managing advanced diagnostic imaging (DI) centres. The company has evolved into the largest platform of diagnostic imaging centres across the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. Currently Metamedowns, manages and operates 34 DI centres in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan.


The company was created in 2009 by Gulf Capital Private Equity Partners Fund II as Technogroup Investments Holdings (TGIH) with the purpose ofinvesting in radiology, diagnostic imaging (DI) and related services. The aim of the investment was to establish the largest chain of DI centresacross the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

In 2009 the company acquired a majority stake in Technoscan, an Egyptian radiology and diagnostic imaging company with 10 centres across Egypt. This was followed in 2010 by the acquisition of a majority stake in CRC, a Saudi DI company. From 2010-2014, the Technoscan operation was expanded by opening 14 more centres across Egypt. In 2012 the company acquired majority stakes in MedRay and Jubilee, two Jordanian DI companies andin 2013 a majority stake was acquired in Dogu Tip, a DI company providing outsourced services to the public healthcare sector in Turkey.

In 2013 the name of the company was changed to Metamed to better reflect its identity as a company providing services in the Medical field.

Vision & Mission


To be the largest chain of radiology and diagnostic imaging and related services in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.


to provide the best quality diagnostic images and reports in orderassistdoctors to better diagnose patients’ ailments.

Corporate and Management Team

Metamed is majority owned by Gulf Capital Private Equity Partners Fund II. Gulf Capital is the premier alternative investments firm in the Gulf Region and the Middle East, with institutional and private investors from around the world.

Dr Ihsan Hamarneh, a respected and well known leader in the domain of diagnostic imaging in the Middle East region, is the Chief Executive Officer of Metamed. Previously, Dr Hamarneh was the founder and CEO of MedRay; the premier private diagnostic imaging company in Jordan.