Egypt: TechnoScan

Owns and operates an Egypt-wide chain of advanced private radiology and diagnostic imaging centres consisting of 20 centres located between MarsaMatruh on the western border to Ismailia in the East. In its centres MetaMed offers the full range of diagnostic imaging services including nuclear medicine. Additionally, the company has introduced the concept of Women Healthcare Diagnostics to the Egyptian market through two centres in Cairo.

Saudi Arabia: CRC

Owns and operates two private radiology and diagnostic imaging centres in Saudi Arabia, one located in Riyadh and one in Dammam where it offers the full range of diagnostic imaging services to the patients. The company is in the process of opening centres in two more cities in Saudi Arabia.

Jordan: MedRay & Jubilee

Owns and operates 3 private DI centres one of which was opened in August 2016. All 3 centres are fully equipped to offer a full range of advanced general radiology services to patients from Jordan and the surrounding countries. The new center also provides state-of-art nuclear medicine and women healthcare services with the highest diagnostic standards offering highest quality and speed in town. MedRay also operates two centres located in and owned by two different hospitals.

Turkey: Dogu Tip

The company offers the full range of diagnostic imaging services on outsourced basis to public and private sector hospitals across Turkey. The company has operated DI centres in public hospitals across Turkey. Currently the company operates 5 DI centres mainly in Istanbul and Eskisehir. Dogu Tip is the highest quality and most efficient provider of outsourced services in the Turkish healthcare market.

Egypt: MetaLab

MetaLab is a private medical laboratory that offers broad spectrum of clinical and anatomical pathology services. The Company works side by side with hospitals to ensure that physicians and providers have knowledge of, and access to, the latest testing and treatment guidance through its services and tools. MetaLab currently operates 1 centralized clinical laboratory banking on 6 of the TechnoScan centers working as sample collection hubs.